Circa AI 2400 Hearing Aid Device

৳ 540,000.00

Circa™ AI, the world’s first Healthable hearing aids with artificial intelligence and embedded sensors, addresses the deep connection between hearing health and overall health.

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Hearing aids use the same basic parts to carry sounds from the environment into your ear and make them louder. Most hearing aids are digital, and all are powered with a hearing aid battery. Small microphones collect sounds from the environment. A computer chip with an amplifier converts the incoming sound into digital code. It analyzes and adjusts the sound based on your hearing loss, listening needs and the level of the sounds around you. The amplified signals are then converted back into sound waves and delivered to your ears through speakers.

Circa AI provides:

  • Body and brain health tracking via your smartphone and the Thrive® Hearing app
  • Mask Mode, a new custom memory in our Thrive app, boosts certain frequencies to help you better hear people who are wearing face masks. Mask Mode available on select technology levels.
  • Superior sound quality, listening clarity, more natural hearing and effortless transitions
  • Peace and quiet while amplifying the important things, to help you better understand conversations
  • Streaming of phone calls, music and messages directly to your hearing aids using your smartphone
  • The convenience of getting minor adjustments delivered remotely without having to schedule an office visit
  • Healthable rechargeable devices with up to 24 hours of superior hearing. Results will vary based on wireless and feature usage.




Peak Gain+(dB)

52,63,71,81 (RIC)
73,76 (BTE)

Fitting Range

0-110 dB (RIC)
0-105 dB (BTE)

No.of Channels

24 Channels/ 24 Bands


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