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Hearing problems are one of the most common illnesses in the world today, which can embarrass people in their workplace, social status and all other areas of life. Some degree of awareness, precaution and using Best Hearing Aids can help people overcome this problem.

What is Hearing Aid?

One of the most popular and common methods of solving hearing problems are the use of hearing aids. This method uses mechanical techniques to solve hearing problems and removes one of the obstacles in human life.

Variety of Hearing Aids:-

Mainly three types of Hearing aids are mostly recommended by audiologists.

1.Behind-the-ear (BTE)
2. In-the-ear (ITE)
3. Canal
all of them have functional differences and wearing process. The using process is differing upon patents’ types and requirements.

Besides these types of Aids There are some other types of hearing aids is avaible for hearing loss. One can use bone vibrator Aid without an ear canal or outer ear. Others may attach to eyeglasses. Noise-cancelling hearing aids are another type of Aids. This actually helped filter out background noise.

How does it works?

The hearing aid device consists of three main parts. The first part microphone receives sound and converts it into a digital signal. The amplifier transmits sound in to the next part of Aids. The amplifier enhances power of the previous digital signal and finally the AID speaker produces a loud sound in the ear.

About “The Hearing Care ” which is Best Hearing Aid Center in Uttara

We have set up a hearing aid center named By “Hearing Aid and Speech Center” provide peace of mind to people with hearing problems. We provide treatment using our prior inexperience, skilled physicians and modern equipment. As a result, people’s problems are eliminated and their chances of finding peace increase.

Service policy of The Hearing Care:-

“The Hearing Care” is situated in the most known place in Dhaka which is Uttara. When you came to our center we first of all diagnosis our problem helped by modern technological devises and provides the best solution for you which is affordable and needed for you. We can also make sure of hassle less service in any situation for you.

Our Contract Number :-  01830-555549

Email Address :-

Our Web Site Address :-  The Hearing Care


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